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The Story Speller

Sharing the Experiences of a non-speaking Autistic Speller

My name is Patrick Saunders and I’m a non-speaker who communicates with a letterboard. I am Autistic and I love to spell, bushwalk, swim and move. I am 14 years old.


You might remember me from when I cycled a bicycle across America with my mum and dad and from the ABC podcast The Parenting Spectrum. 


The Story Speller is a website where I share experiences and stories about non-speaking autism using S2C (spelling to communicate). My aim is to create awareness and understanding about non-speaking autism. Follow my journey and be a part of the non-speaking community.

It took me almost four months to make this website due to my motor planning differences. My Dad created lessons about website development and I spelled the words you read. I chose the pictures and colours you see.


I hope you like it.

Follow me in my efforts to educate the world.

My Non-Speaking Initiatives

Non-Speaking Advocacy

Advocacy for me is hard because I spell slowly. I currently spell one hundred words per hour. I am motivated to create more opportunities and a better future for non-speakers.


I advocate for a better world for Autistic non-speakers and educate people to learn from people with lived experience who are autistic and who don't talk reliably or at all. 

I am currently volunteering through the Duke of Edinburgh program at Reframing Autism.

Spelling Services

I am available to spell blogs, spell articles, spell for movies and be in TV and magazine advertisements. I would like to create content for autism organisations and mainstream businesses. 

I would like to present my spelling thoughts and ideas to small and large live audiences. 

Contact me for a spelling gig today.

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Did you know that most non-speaking autistics will never have a paid job?

Your support gives me hope and motivates me to practise spelling to communicate.

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 I hope to release a blog every few weeks as it takes me a long time to spell due to my motor planning differences. My dream is to educate the world about non-speaking autism.

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Non speaker testimonials

"Patrick's blogs recount the lived experiences of nonspeaking autism with sharp intellect and deep perception. He delves into the challenges of movement differences and other associated issues with understanding and insight, and provides a window into how autism can affect lives, but nevertheless, with his characteristic courage, determination and the necessary support, has become an outstanding spokesperson for nonspeaking community"

Tim Chan, Nonspeaking Autistic Advocate, Author & currently studying a PhD in Neurodiversity movement and its impact on Autism advocacy


"Patrick has the most compelling and wise insights to share on the experiences of Autistic non-speakers. We are so proud to showcase some of his work at Reframing Autism, and hope that everyone reads the important messages he spells."

Dr Melanie Heyworth, CEO

Reframing Autism

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